JEONJIN ENTECH represents to lead company in the petrochemical industry and environmental industry with innovative technology products such as Column Internal, Column Packing, Column Tray, Mist Eliminator, Quick Opening Closure, and Ceramic Ball.


Fooundation of Ulsan Branch Office
Acquisition of Promising Export Firm
Participation of INCHEM TOKYO 2009 Exhibition
Foundation of JEONJIN ENTECH LTD Attachment The Technology Institution  for Chemical & Environmental Process
Extension of 3nd ofiice and factory(271-2,Hakjang-dong,Sasang-gu,Busan,
Acquisition of certification Venture-Company
Selection of Promising Company Accreditation
Transferenc of 1nd office and factory(273-12,Hakjang-dong,Sasang-gu,
Acquisition of certification ISO9001 
Corporation conversion of JEONJIN ENTECH
Extension 2nd office and factory(245-9,Hakjang-dong,Sasang-gu,Busan,
Factory registration
Foundation of JEONJIN ENTECH(Private company)