JEONJIN ENTECH represents to lead company in the petrochemical industry and environmental industry with innovative technology products such as Column Internal, Column Packing, Column Tray, Mist Eliminator, Quick Opening Closure, and Ceramic Ball.







Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, we have halcyon benefits of civilization by the results scientific technical development and industrialization. But density of a pollutant in the atmosphere is increasing for using coal, oil and natural gas in the power plant, car industry and petrochemical industry. Therefore, we are using a packed tower very much, because it is the most suitable method which efficiently removes a pollutant in the atmosphere and maximizes efficiency for large scale plant of petrochemistry etc. Then our company founded JEONJIN ENTECH LTD Attachment The Technology Institution for Chemical & Environmental Process. So that we are studying for environmental pollution matter control with packed tower and chemical process of mass transfer, absorption, desorption and distillation etc for energy-saving and maximization of efficiency